What is a Multi Tool?

The term of multi-tool might not be a familiar word for some people. However, some of them might have heard it at least once in their about multi-tool. Today, we will talk more about multi-tool with further details of explanation that will tell us more than just the common thing we already know about it. There will be more that we will get about multi-tool. For instance, you will find a further explanation to describe what a multi-tool is. This is a versatile hand tool in a portable design that comes with several functions combined into a single unit. Other than this simple description, you will also find out another fact about the multi-tool. This hand tool is even available in credit-card size or key-sized. It means that there are more multi-tools in very small and compact design today.

The History and the Early of Multi-Tool


Once, a multi-tool is known only as a pocket knife. The contemporary examples of the pocket knives are the Swiss Army Knife which is made by Victorinox and Wenger. The original version comes with a knife blade, a bottle opener-screwdriver-wire stripper, a reamer and a can-opener-screwdriver. The idea of the multi-tool is to bring several tools in one small portable unit. It has even been found since the Middle Roman times. Victorinox and Wenger are those two manufacturers that make this kind of tool with a lot of useful features. The next model is developed with tweezers, nail file, folding scissors, magnifying glass, a toothpick and screwdriver bits added.

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After few years, the form of pocket knives comes with innovation by Tim Leatherman which is known as folding multi-tools. This kind of multi-tool is actually larger and more robust than a pocket-knife. This kind of model comes with a set of needle-nosed pliers. It is designed in a balisong-style mechanism. This is another important part of the development of the multi-tool that brings it to today’s design with better features added. Leatherman is now known as a genericized trademark. There are some more similar multi-tool available with a different design which and even more complex features added. Although it is quite simple and short, it has told you the important part of the multi-tool development that brings it to today’s design.